The mission of the camp is to help kids discover circus in a camp environment, so that it will be a complement in the kid's life. Circus activities help coordination and concentration, and thus help learning in school. Circus is also a way to developp creation and team work.

Every camp session ends by a circus show with every camper in it. This way of ending the session pushes the children to want to improve and learn during their stay. On the other hand, we do not encourage competition and "star system", so that every kid has the same place as every other. You can rest assured that we are professionals, and that we have good and secure equipment. We only have the best quality and security available.

Only circus would be too intense. That's why we complete the day with outdoor activities and games, and that allows a more balanced stay. Géronimo is situated on a beautiful land in the woods, and the kids live a real vacation here. Our staff is really important for us and take the time to choose only the best of the best. Most of our team members are former apprentices that we know really well. All of our counsellors are highly responsable, and they know how to teach circus to kids of every level.

If you are interested by our camp, I invite you to visit our website in detail to find answers to all your questions! Have a nice visit!
Sylvie Duceppe, Pax, director and ex-teacher, she's the winner of the price "MAÎTRE DOEUVRE of ACQ (Novembre 2023)