INFOS CAMP - Questions

Q: Is the camp secure?

R: Rest assured, all the equipment is routinely inspected. The security rules are really strict and all the activities are well supervised. The Counsellor / Kid ratio is better the average: We have one counsellor for 6 kids, even for our older kids!
Q:Can my kid be with his/her friend? ?

R: Yes, if they are approximately of the same age (call me if there's more than a 2 years difference). It is important that you tell us the name of your kid's friend. If you register online, write the name in the "Remarques" section. In the traditional form, there is a section just for that. If you write the name of the friend, your kid is guaranteed to be with him/her.
Q: Where do the counsellors come from?

R: : Most of our counsellor are former apprentices at our camp. All the counsellors are required to provide a proof of a clean criminal record every year.
Q: Are the kids required to do all the circus activities? Is experience required to come to Géronimo??

R: The kids choose which circus activities they want to do. We offer a really wide choice of activities, about every activity that exists circus wise. No experience is required to come to Géronimo. The teaching is quite personal for the need of every kid.
Q: Where do the kids sleep? Do the counsellor sleep with them?

R: We have two types of accommodations. The youngest sleep in little rooms. These rooms are quite cozy and surround a living room. The bathrooms and showers are accessible from the inside. The older kids sleep in cabins and there is no indoor access to bathrooms. The counsellors always sleep with kids are keep a good eye on them
Q: What do you eat at the camp?

R: Our menu is approved by a dietetics. It is a healthy menu that the kids love! The main dish can always be replaced by a vegetarian option. There is always a lot of sides: Salads, fruits, bread, cheese... We also offer an afternoon snack (mostly fresh fruits) and night snack (homemade cookies).
Q: : Is it a problem if my kid has an allergy?

R: Not at all! We accept kids with all allergies. Please note that nuts and peanuts are banished from the site. Our camp nurse is taking care of the kids with special allergies. For the other severe allergies (eggs, gluten, ...), we ask your collaboration to bring all meals prepared by you.
Q: Should I reserve now or can I wait at the open doors?

R: It all depends on which week you plan on taking. If you have a specific choice in mind, it is best to reserve as soon as possible. If you come to the open doors, everything is refundable 100%. If you prefer to wait and multiple weeks are good for you, than most likely there will still be some places left and there is no rush to reserve now.