Steps for registrations

You have 3 different options for registering:

1. Online registration and send a post dated check by mail.

2. Online registration and pay by credit card (totality).

3. Fill the traditional form and send us a post dated check by mail.

If you have difficulties to print the traditional form, we can send it by mail.

Sessions and prices

We accept kids from 7 to 16 years old. The kids are grouped by age.
We have 7 different groups that stay in different buildings.
The availabilities are updated regularly and the registration starts December 1st!

Refund policy

If you cancel 30 days before camp, you will be refunded at a 100% except for the initial 100$ deposit.
If the cancellation is cause by a health problem before or during camp, we refund the remaining days at a 100%.
If you cancel less than 30 days before camp, you will be refunded the remaining days at 50%, except for the initial deposit of 100$.

Luggage's list

Summer 2020
Sessions Number of nights Prices Girls availabilities Boys availabilities
June 29th to July 3rd* 5 595$+tx AVAILABLE AVAILABLE
July 4th to July 10th* 6 695$+tx AVAILABLE AVAILABLE
June 28th to July 10th** 12 1175$+tx AVAILABLE AVAILABLE
Julyt 12th to July 17th 5 595$+tx AVAILABLE AVAILABLE
July 19th to July 24th 5 595$+tx AVAILABLE
July 26th to July 31st* 5 595$+tx DISPONIBLE DISPONIBLE
August 1st to August 7th * 6 695$+tx AVAILABLE AVAILABLE/td>
July 26th to August 7th** 12 1175$+tx AVAILABLE AVAILABLE
August 9th to August 14th 5 595$+tx AVAILABLE AVAILABLE
* It's possible to stay one week in the 12 day's session. 7 to 16 years old kids are welcome for all sessions.
** Same price for the apprentices monitors.