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To work at Géronimo, you must be at least 17 years old and be available for formations. You must show a clean criminal record. Absolutely no drugs or alcool is tolerated on the site, or you will be expelled immediately.

The work conditions are really good, our employees have 5 free weekends during the summer.

Summer: 24 juin au 17 août 2018. Counsellors must sleep on the site.

Spring: 22 mai au 22 juin 2018 Possibility of work on a day to day basis.

Please note that no fee for the accomodation or food will be taken out of the indicated salary. Also, salaries are raised with every year of experience.

Counsellor: 415$/week
Camp leader: 485$/week
Camp nurse: 485$/week
Counsellor / Lifeguard: 425$/week or +
Cook helper: 410$/week
Cook: To be discussed
Janitor: To be discussed

To apply, please send us your CV in PDF by email.